Bulldogs News · Fall Sports Registration

Student/Athletes wanting to participate in Football, Volleyball, Softball, Cross Country, Boys Tennis, Dance and Cheer must be registered on Family ID before Aug 12.  You can register on Family ID at www.familyid.com

Fall Sports First Day of Practice Times and Locations:

Football: Aug 5th Strength & Install Camp 6pm, Aug 12th Official Start 4pm.  Football Practice Field.

Cross Country: Aug 5th Camp 6pm Josephine Jones Park, Aug 12th Official Start 6pm UH Track.

Volleyball: Aug 12th 3:30pm Middle School Gym

Boys Tennis: Aug 12th 4pm Centennial Tennis Courts

Softball: Aug 6th Camp 4pm, Aug 12th Official Start 4pm, Greeley Youth Sports Complex

Cheer: Aug 8th Fall Try Outs 5pm, Aug 12th Official Start 4pm, High School Main Gym / Outside

Dance: Official Start Aug 13 9am, High School Main Gym


Coaches Contact Info:

Sport                           Coach                                      Phone                          Email                          

Football                     Casey Dos                           (970) 201-2567      cdoss@universityschools.com

Cross Country         Sharon Eberhard               (970) 302-9852      uhscrosscountry8@gmail.com

Volleyball                Nicki Wilkins                       (970) 685-7227      teamwilkins@live.com

Spirit/Cheer           Vanessa Gonzales               (970) 237-1395       UHSCheer19@gmail.com

Poms/Dance          Gina Haug                            (970) 381-0298      reginarose310@yahoo.com

Baseball                   Casey Miller                        (970) 768-7257      cmiller@universityschools.com

B Basketball           Bobby Ervin                       (970) 396-8188       kristinbobby@hotmail.com

G Basketball           Justin Kravig                     (970) 302-4272        jkravig@universityschools.com

Girls Tennis           Mark Chambers                (970) 576-6364         mchambers@universityschools.com

Wrestling               Dave Croissant                   (970) 371-6137           drdavecro88@gmail.com

Boys Tennis          Justin Kravig                       (970) 302-4272           jkravig@universityschools.com

Softball                   Rocky Byrd                         (970) 412-2060           uhsoftball@yahoo.com

Track                       Dan Betz                              (970) 405-9534           dbetz@universityschools.com